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Making animals (five days)

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On this course you will learn how to make medium-sized animals (up to about 50cm in height) using coiling and other hand building techniques. We will focus on farm animals such as pigs, chickens and sheep, but students can work on any other animals as they wish, using the same way of working. We will be aiming to capture the character of the animal rather than build a factual representation or copy, and we will be looking at various ways of achieving this, including using different tools to create surface textures and finishes.

I am not able to provide lunch for any of these courses for you but I have a fridge, microwave and kettle in the workshop. I will supply tea, coffee and cold drinks, and also biscuits and maybe a cake if my Mum is around. There is ice-cream available from the shop next door and a whole range of lavender products. There will be regular breaks throughout the day during all courses.

If you are under 18 I would ask you to be accompanied by someone who is over 18. The minimum age is year 9 (age 13) upwards.

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For everyone – Making animals using techniques based on my own work


The course is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience in clay modelling. You will be taught how to build animals from the legs up, including suitable plinths or bases if required. As well as the techniques involved in modelling animals, you will develop an appreciation of the medium, including the timing of the different stages of construction and when to stop!

Students should bring plenty of source material including photographs, drawings, small models and even plastic toy farm animals. These will be very important to work from throughout the course.

Each student should complete at least one animal, and most can expect to finish two or more, depending on size.


Cost £540

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19/9/2021-23/9/2021, 13/12/2021-17/12/2021, 17/1/2022-21/1/2022

1 review for Making animals (five days)

  1. Keith Sloan (verified owner)

    Excellent five days – Following Jon’s normal format of you make one animal following his lead and another from your own creation, having fist created a maquette. Jon instruction is brilliant and he has lots of patience with those learning. Ended up with two sculptures that I am very proud of. In fact all three attendees, produce what to me were amazing results. Have booked to come back again in December 2021.

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